First of all, instead of calling a car to your home or office for a ride, you’ll instead be requesting an army of plow professionals to get rid of everything from an inch to a foot (or more – and sometimes a lot more) of snow whenever you’d like….all for an affordable price. With more than 25+ years of snow removal experience here in the Chicago area, our top-tier fleet of snow removal professionals will come right to your home or business – in the middle of a blizzard, if necessary – and handle ALL of your snow removal needs without you ever having to step outside.

DRYFT is 100% a customer driven platform and we want your feedback about your experience with our snow removal experts. Therefore, we ask that you please provide as detailed a review as you can, when you have an opportunity to and we will use your feedback to make sure that your snow removal results are always picture-perfect. Consequently, any snow removal providers that receive less than 3.75 out of 5 stars in our rating system will no longer be deployed or dispatched. In conclusion, you can help make DRYFT better and better with your reviews!