Why Use Dryft

It not just our amazing snow plowing app, it the teams 25+ years of snow removal experience that is behind it.

Fast Response Time

When you use DRYFT, you’re guaranteed to have someone at your home or business ASAP. You could request a DRYFT snow removal expert in the middle of the worst blizzard of the year – in the dead of night – and we’ll get there and have you shoveled or plowed out in record time.

Weather Alerts for Pre-Booking

You get regular DRYFT updates about potential snowstorms, at least 24 hours in advance, so that you can reserve a time slot for plowing and snow removal, should the storm actually come to fruition. If the meteorologists are wrong and no snow lands, you won’t be charged.

100% Pre-Screened Plow Experts*

We only work with plow professionals we have a relationship with, experts that we know are licensed drivers with years of experience under their belt and professionals that can quickly and efficiently plow out your driveway or clear off your walkways, even in the middle of a blizzard.

Snow Removal Solutions for Every Situation

Our plow professionals come equipped with all of the necessary tools & tech to tackle any kind of driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot that needs to be cleared of snow. Our DRYFT team members have rubber plated bladed options, snowblowers, and shovels to safely clear stubborn and hard-to-reach areas as well as walkways.

GPS Tracking Built Right In

Just like a popular ride sharing app, you will be able to see when your plow professional has been dispatched after your request, as well as how far away they are, so that you know EXACTLY when to expect them to tackle your snow removal project.

Affordable Pricing

DRYFT won’t cost you an arm and a leg to save you from backbreaking snow removal. Our upfront/transparent pricing is determined on the size of the area to be plowed/shoveled and additional options you choose. In addition, there are NO hidden fees or surprise charges, period.

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Go Elite. Sit Back & Stay Warm

For priority service, schedule your entire season with DRYFT!

If you really never want to lift a shovel in winter ever again sign up for DRYFT ELITE VIP!

Any time 2 inches of snow accumulates on the ground ANYWHERE in the Chicagoland region, that we are currently serving, we dispatch our plow professionals and snow removal experts to our Dryft ELITE subscribers first. This is 100% automated and automatic as soon this amount of precipitation has been detected. Moreover, we actively monitor five different weather stations to guarantee that our plows are rocking and rolling when the powdery stuff starts to pile up.

In addition, for a low monthly subscription price to Dryft ELITE you will never again have to worry about paying for snow removal per occurrence. If it snows at least 2 inches every single day in the month of January, for example you will, get daily snow removal services while you pay the same low monthly subscription price and not a penny more!

Moreover, our Dryft ELITE subscribers also get photos of the completed job to verify that the snow has been removed. This includes pathway cleaning free ice, in addition to priority 24/7 customer service and support.

DRYFT Elite is the best way to keep your property cleared of snow!

Why Join Team Dryft


Earn Extra Cash


Who couldn't use more money? Earn top dollar removing snow with DRYFT.


Work When You Want


With DRYFT, you decide when you're available. Therefore, you can work as much as you want whenever you want!


Get Paid Fast


First, you finish a job. Second, the customer approves it. Third, you get paid quickly. All payments are processed though the DRYFT app, therefore, it's easy to track!    


24/7 Support


Need help?  Have a question about a specific job? Our support team is there for you 24 hours a day. In other words, DRYFT has your back.

Join The Dryft Team

Make Money. Work When You Want. Get A Great Workout.

We are always looking for quality people who want to make money by removing snow from your neighbors homes & area commercial properties/businesses. You’ll get paid quickly and with no limit on the amount you work so your potential earnings are endless.

App Screenshots

DRYFT is a beautiful app, built with love in Chicago!